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SHUNCHANG Miniature Motor Co.,Ltd, was founded in 2001, is one of most micro motors suppliers in China, which has all the abilily of design, development and production for multifarious Micro Motors. We provide high quality production in this field and best services to our customers. People are our most valuable assets.

There are about 200 employees in SHUNCHANG including 20 technicians.Annual output is about 6,000,000 sets. Main products is: RF020, FF030, FF050, FFM10, FFM20, FFN20, FFN30, FN60, RF300, RF310, RF320, RF330, RF370, RF500 etc Micro Moters, Which is used on LD, CD, VCD, Car CD, CD-ROM, CD ROM Vidio Game and Amcorder, also used on Game and Amcorder, also used on Game Merchine, Gas Switch, Casher, Hair Drier, Elec.Toothbrush, Elec. Shaver, Camera, Massager, Electronic Lock, Elec.Tools, Mobilephone Manual Charger, We also provide design for customer’s special request.

Constantly exceeding our customer's expectation is our philosophy to develop forever and ever.

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